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The Historic Merrill House

Built in 1878, the historic Merrill House was originally the residence of Prince Edward’s first magistrate, Judge Edwards Merrill. Born in Picton in 1841, he was a second generation United Empire Loyalist, going on to become the County’s first lawyer. He served in that capacity until his untimely death in 1905. The house itself was commissioned by Merrill as a residence and built by J.W. Fagan in the Victorian Gothic style. He and his daughter only lived in the house for a year, however. As lore has it, he was motivated to relocate due in part to an unruly neighbor and the fact that his young daughter wanted to live closer to the water. He then had another house built in a similar style at 1 Hill Street, which overlooks Picton Harbour. You can see that house if you walk just one short block to the east, its unmistakable gables and features making it The Merrill House’s “twin”. He ended his own life on June 14, 1905. Reportedly suffering from an incurable illness, he hung himself from the balcony of his Hill Street residence.

Over the years, the Merrill House has been a private residence, an apartment building, a B&B, and an inn. Edward and Amy Shubert purchased the property in 2001 and through their efforts, The Merrill Inn established a standard for farm-to-table cuisine and fine hospitality that set the tone for the areas’ burgeoning wine-and-dine culture. In June of 2018, The Merrill Inn was purchased by Jordan Martin, who is enthusiastic about ushering the property into its next incarnation.

Owner/Innkeeper Jordan Martin

left to right – Jordan Martin, Amy and Edward Shubert

“My all-encompassing desire is to share my hedonistic passions with others.”

Jordan Martin became the proprietor of the Merrill Inn on June 1, 2018. A Belleville native, he is incredibly passionate about the region, its heritage, and its possibilities.

Jordan studied commerce at the Queen’s School of Business and luxury brand management at Regent’s University in London, UK. He went on to work in human resource management strategy for the Jumeirah Group in both London and Dubai and was also the marketing manager for Global Hospitality Services, a London-based hotel sales and marketing service provider. During his tenure at Global Hospitality Services, Jordan managed the marketing for a network of over 150 hotels globally, including the London-based Grange Hotel Group. Finally, Jordan operated his own brand management consultancy in London before returning to Canada to pursue a lifelong dream of owning and operating his own hotel. He first considered locations in England and France before settling on the Merrill Inn. Having envisioned the fulfillment of his dream set in a vibrant wine region, the rich fabric of Prince Edward County’s developing DVA seemed perfect.

Inspired by people who are passionate about their work and places that represent creativity and vision, Jordan espouses a love for every aspect of business and hospitality. Inspired to create an atmosphere that fuses the best of what life has to offer, he believes that people should be cognizant of what makes them the happiest and that they should pursue those things as often as possible. Whether it is watching the sunset, having a glass of wine or doing something spontaneous—it’s all about building a life that is both rewarding and pleasurable—and that is what he intends to bring to the historic Merrill House.

The Merrill House will allow him to implement creative ideas that push the boundaries of aesthetics and hedonism, establishing an environment where guests can enjoy the happiest days of their year.

Jordan spends much of his “leisure” time learning more about the things he is passionate about. Wine, art, history, travel, language, and design figure prominently in his life, as he believes the more one knows about a field, the greater capacity they have to optimize their enjoyment of them.

When he isn’t busy crafting Prince Edward County’s next boutique destination, Jordan loves travelling to diverse places that have rich histories or unusual cultures. He enjoys visiting museums, hosting dinners, trying new foods and old wines, shopping for antiques, maps, and lithographs, and being surrounded by passionate individuals who value the basic foundations of culture: food, drink, art, and celebration.