Calling all aspiring (and current) innkeepers and B&B owners!
So you want to what?!

So you want to open a bed and breakfast? Our Consulting Service is a must for those who are serious about making a career change to innkeeping as well as those individuals who require expertise to improve their existing operation. Shubert Hospitality Consultants provides an in-depth look into the business of innkeeping through insightful information and interaction with innkeepers. Our clients will gain perspective necessary to come to a decision about whether or not innkeeping is for them.

The economics of innkeeping will be demonstrated using financial models of various types and sizes of inns. The pros and cons of existing versus new construction will be discussed. A step by step approach to acquisition will include where and how to look for an inn, valuation, pricing, terms of purchase and sale. Business and marketing plans required to start up an inn will be reviewed.

Give us a call or send us an email.We look forward to hearing from you.