Calling all aspiring (and current) innkeepers and B&B owners!

So … you want to what?!

So, you want to open a bed and breakfast? Professional hospitality consulting can help you succeed.

The tradition of hospitality has been a lifelong passion and satisfying livelihood for many — but it’s not for everybody. If you are considering a career change or thinking about making the leap to inn ownership, there are many things you need to consider before taking the plunge. In order to keep your sanity and remain profitable, there are certain formulas you should gain understanding of and there is no better team to walk you through it than Edward and Amy Shubert, the owners and innkeepers of the Merrill Inn.

Hospitality consulting will give you the foundations you need to run your new business at a profit

As Shubert Hospitality Consultants, Edward and Amy provide an in-depth look into the business of innkeeping from every possible angle. You will acquire insights and information, enjoying close interaction with the innkeepers as you explore all there is to know about starting and running your own country inn or B&B. Your experience will help you gain the perspective you need to decide whether or not innkeeping is right for you.

If you already own a B&B, our program is a must if you want to improve your existing operation. We will look at every angle of your business and outline ways that you can modify your processes to promote profitability and offer tips and advice that will dramatically improve your knowledge about what fine hospitality really entails.

We will demonstrate the economics of innkeeping using financial models that are based on various inn types and sizes and will discuss in depth the pros and cons of existing versus new construction. Our step-by-step approach to acquisition includes:

  • How and where to look for an inn
  • Inn valuation
  • Pricing
  • Terms of purchase
  • … and the sale

We will also review how to craft the business and marketing plans you will need to create  before you start up. You will gain priceless insights from people who know this business inside and out and who can tell it like it is — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Ultimately, the decision to be an innkeeper is not one to be taken lightly. It is not something you should consider doing on a part-time basis, either, because it is a way of life. Before you commit to a rewarding new life in hospitality, meet with the hospitality consulting experts first.

Give us a call or send us an email.We look forward to hearing from you.